Janitorial Services – Top Things This Service Can Do for Your Business

If you are just planning to hire a janitorial service for your business and you still have doubts, know the

things that this service can do for you and your growing company:

 Personnel

With a janitorial or cleaning service, you do not need to hire in-house staff. You can just rely on

a good cleaning service provider like Courtesy Building Services, Inc for such services.

 Restroom Sanitation

With janitorial services, your restrooms are restocked regularly with hand towels, toilet paper,

seat covers, air freshener, and soap. Proper sanitation of restrooms including cleaning of urinals,

toilets, mirrors, countertops, fixtures, sinks, floors, walls, and partition is taken care of for you

by your cleaning service provider.

 Office Cleaning

Your office will be kept orderly and clean on a weekly or daily basis according to the

requirements of your business.

 Green Cleaning Services

Your health and the environment are important for everyone. To minimize the amount of the

chemicals in the atmosphere of your workplace, Courtesy Building Services offers professional

green cleaning that provides eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products that are reliable,

efficient, and safe.

 Emergency Janitorial Services

In case of a natural disaster, break-ins or some situations where your office space is in need of

emergency janitorial cleaning, this service will help you with this kind of cleanup. Janitorial

services also have emergency response teams available for dispatch in case of unanticipated

cleaning events.

 Skylight and Window Cleaning

Having a company’s polished image begins with the curb appeal of your business. In addition to

that, spotless windows let in more sunlight boosting the energy and mood levels of your

customers and employees. With emergency janitorial service, it can be a cost-effective way to

enhance the feel and look of your business.

 Day Porter Services

Having a continuous flow of visitors doesn’t only means high sales, but also a significant

challenge when it comes to housekeeping. Day porter solutions can be contracted to keep the

common areas such as conference rooms, lounges, lobbies, and cafeterias clean. They can also

help with window cleaning, paper supply replenishment, and monitoring restrooms for cleaning.

 Pressure Washing

It is important that you welcome your customers to your business and parking lot with clean

exterior appearance. Commercial cleaning services include pressure washing that will ensure

your exterior’s appearance is pleasing and attractive to your clients or potential customers.

There are other things that janitorial services can do for your business. If you want to take advantage of

its countless benefits, make sure to hire only the best provider in the world of cleaning industry.

Courtesy Building Services, Inc is one of the best in the market in terms of janitorial services and

commercial cleaning services. It has been in the industry for several years and known for its good

reputation. Its reliability is outstanding and offers excellent customer support. So, if you want to ensure

that your business is always clean and presentable, contact Courtesy Building Services.

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