It’s a Big No-No to Designate Office Cleaning to Your Office Staff and Here are the Reasons Why

If you have plans to cut costs in your office, chances are you will feel tempted to designate most of the cleaning tasks to your office staff. But, did you know that this is not really the perfect way to cut costs? In fact, it can affect other aspects of your business service.

Below are some of the reasons why you must never add the burden of office cleaning to your staff and hire experts like Courtesy Building Services, Inc. instead.

Wrong Skills

You are actually doing a disservice not just to your office staff if you think that they are properly equipped to handle cleaning tasks. At the same time, it is also a disservice to your cleaning staff. To have an effective cleaning in office environments, there are certain skills that you cannot expect from your general office staff. Meanwhile, you pay good money to your cleaning staff to render their own unique set of skills so you will end up wasting more money if you let them waste their time on cleaning tasks.

Lower Staff Satisfaction and Productivity

When you ask your staff to do something which is not part of their job description, it is very likely that their productivity will also be reduced. It means that you are going to see fewer results for a similar amount of money. Delegating them in doing tasks that they don’t feel happy about doing may also reduce their company loyalty and their satisfaction with the job. It can further affect their levels of productivity. Janitorial services like Courtesy Building Services, Inc. have been trained to do such jobs and majority of the staff love their work and it will show in the kind of results they can provide you.

Litigation Risk

If you ask the office staff to work with the cleaning chemicals and they don’t have proper training on using and handling them, and they don’t have the right personal protective equipment to wear, you will only put them at risk. When you expose them to any type of risk, you will also put yourself at risk of getting litigious actions. Thus, you have two options. You can either spend money for training your staff on proper cleaning or you can hire an external agency that already has the training required. Aside from putting your office staff at risk, any poor quality cleaning practice might put customers at serious risk. Should a customer get inconvenienced or injured in any way while they are within your premises, it is likely that you will face a lawsuit. The perfect choice is to hire external cleaning staff like Courtesy Building Services, Inc.

You must never, ever ask your office staff to handle the cleaning tasks around your office premises. Don’t think twice and hire the experts instead to ensure the best results while avoid any risk and compromises on your day to day business operations.


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