Improve Your Employees’ Cleanliness Etiquette in the Workplace with These Tips

Cleaning a building is usually the responsibility of a team or person who deals with facility and janitorial Dallas concerns. However, if you want to improve the cleanliness around your office and foster a more positive experience daily, makes sure you share these tips with all your employees.

Clean Your Desk After You Eat

There are days when things are too hectic that going out for lunch is almost impossible. During those times you eat at your desk, how do you discard your leftovers? Most janitorial services Dallas follow a structured way of cleaning a facility. The office trash can meant for paper as well as other small non-food items might not be scheduled to be emptied and checked.

As the leftovers sit and rot overnight and until the next day, these serve as a breeding ground for bacteria and pests. If you ever need to eat at your desk, make sure you take all related wastes and food scraps to a properly designated trash can in the facility.

Declutter Your Workspace and Desk

It is always a great idea to leave your desk clean and tidy at the end of the day. Your papers, folders, tape, pens, and staplers must be removed from your desktop prior to routine cleanings. Inquire from office cleaning team when they disinfect and dust desktops. Clear your desk as well as other surfaces in your office or work station before the cleaning schedule of the janitorial service to save labor expenses and time. This is also a great way to guarantee that your area will get quality cleaning.

Etiquette in the Lunchroom

Eating can get quite messy, and preparing foods can leave the office kitchen untidy. In shared spaces such as an office kitchen, it is always better to cover platters and platters before reheating in the microwave to prevent splattering. Disposable bowls, cups, and plates are perfect for office kitchens so that dishes don’t have to be washed and won’t pile up in the sink. Your colleagues will also thank you if you wipe down your table after eating your meal.

The Restroom

A tiny sign can go a long way to remind workers and guests that restrooms can serve everyone better if it stays clean. If your small restroom has poor ventilation, restroom users will also appreciate it if you put an aerosol air freshener that can decrease personal embarrassment of the previous occupant. It is also a must to put extra paper towels for wiping surfaces as needed.

Mind the Floors

In shared open office spaces, there are times when it is necessary to plug in some devices such as phone chargers and small space heaters with their cords left laying on the floor. It is best practice to keep the cords out of walking paths to lessen trip hazards that may lead to lost productivity, and worse, lawsuits. When the janitorial Dallas team cleans the facility, these cords can get wrapped in vacuums that will not just ruin the electrical device but can also cause serious damage, making it necessary to repair vacuums and other cleaning equipment. Keep these cords unobtrusive and secured as much as possible.  

Everyone can benefit from a healthy, safe, and clean working environment. These tips for workplace cleanliness from Courtesy Building Services Inc to enjoy will help you and your entire team feel much better and enjoy increased productivity.


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