How Day Porter Service Can Benefit Your Facility?

How Day Porter Service Can Benefit Your Facility?

You have a crew that cleans your facility throughout the day, so why would you need a day porter service? Besides, you may handle any problems that could pop up at any time of the day. With this in mind, day porter services are a good option.

A day porter may serve as your right hand, working from lists of tasks, but also available to help out emergency rears, providing you more time to concentrate on more important things you have on your desk. 

Duties of Day Porters

Day porters are responsible to keep the common areas of your facility in order and neat. If you have a competent day porter, you can be assured that everything is clean and organized. You will not also worry about the trash cans in public areas and restrooms because they will take care of them for you. Day porters also ensure that they are ready to get the garbage and clean.

Some of the things that day porters can do for your facility include the following:

  • Change light bulbs

  • Maintain safety in public areas through marking wet areas and removing obstacles

  • Salt the sidewalks in case of sleet or snow

  • Clean door glass, vacuum entryways, and sweep floors

  • Do quick restroom cleaning

  • Keep light switches, doorknobs, and some hot spots disinfected throughout the whole day during flu and cold season

Aside from those, day porters may also help you tackle the to-do list that has been gathering dust as you deal with other important things.

Keep Everything Clear with Your Day Porter

While day porters can be of great help, it is still essential that you communicate your expectations clearly from day one. Never just set them loose, assuming that they will intuit what you like them to do. You should be specific with the jobs that must be prioritized, so they will understand everything. It is also smart to set up a regular meeting with your day porter to make sure that they not being overwhelmed with the requests from some employees. 

Once you give your day porter a to-do list, make sure that you have clarified the order in which you like the jobs to be done while providing them the autonomy to change the priorities as an emergency arises. Revisit that regularly so the day porter can communicate concerns or some roadblocks that could be interfering with their abilities to complete the work.

Contact Courtesy Building Services for Your Day Porter Service!

If you’re wondering where to find a day porter, you should contact Courtesy Building Services, Inc. There are many reasons why you should consider a day porter service from a reliable janitorial service provider. One of these is that they always screen the candidates and ensure that they have the most qualified one. With this, expect that you will get nothing but the best day porter service that your business and investments deserve. All you have to do is to call Courtesy Building Services!

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