Here’s the Right Way to Dust Your Office

Dusting is no doubt one of those tasks that you need to do all over again as soon as you finished. Dust comes in various forms, and this is generated from numerous sources, which make it important to stick with your dusting schedule.

Dusting is a crucial task employee have to do in all office buildings. Once visible, dust can create an ugly workspace, which is often an indication of neglect. A properly dusted building or office can convey a pleasing and positive image to all building occupants and visitors. A cleaner working environment can also encourage neatness, promote better working habits, and reduce the numbers of absenteeism.

So, what is really the right way to dust your office?

Basics of Dusting

  • Dust first high surfaces before you work downward. It is best to start at the other end of a room before moving in a counterclockwise or clockwise direction.

  • Wipe smudges and spots on desks, walls, and others using a damp green microfiber cloth while moving throughout your office. Don’t forget to rinse first the cloth once it gets soiled with the use of water only.

  • Move objects like paperweights, pictures, and phones, dust under these before replacing them in the original position.

  • When dusting your window blinds, dust first across the upper part. Close the blinds then dust the whole surface. Close them again to the second side and dust that newly exposed surface area.

  • When you clean your computer monitors or the flat TV screens in conference rooms, use microfiber and dry cloth then wipe lightly. Avoid using tissue paper, window cleaner, or paper towels since these can damage or scratch the screens.

  • Use a vacuum for removing dust and cleaning upholstered pieces of furniture and hard to reach spots.

Create a Healthier Office Environment Through Proper Dusting

When your office space is unclean and dusty, there is a higher chance that it will foster the spread of flu and other types of diseases among your employees. It is another important reason why dusting your office is imperative. The airborne dust might also make your employees with allergies suffer from a sore throat, sneezing, itchy eyes, and runny nose. Once your workers feel sick due to a filthy space, they have to recover by taking time off. If they suffer from allergies due to filthy office space, they will also feel irritated and tired all day long at the office and they wouldn’t be that productive as well. You can avoid this by keeping the office clean for your employees to stay as healthy as possible. Employees who are happy and healthy will perform much better work and be more productive as well.

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