Flu Season is Here – Let Cleaning Services in Dallas Handle the Job for You

Once the summer vacation comes to an end, it only means one thing. The flu and cold season will soon kick in. The children are back to school and employees are back to work. Everyone is basically back to spending more time indoors, which means that you will also be in closer contact with other people. When this happens, there is also a higher chance for you to get sick with flu and cold. 

This only serves as a reminder that proper office and commercial cleaning is important if you want to beat the flu season and stay healthy at all times. Thanks to professional cleaning services, you can be sure that cold and flu won’t be a problem. 

Seasonal Cleaning to Prevent Flu and Cold – Focusing on Common Points of Contact 

You surely clean all the most obvious areas and spots around you such as your bathroom, toilet, and kitchen sink. You probably spend time sweeping and vacuuming floors. But, do you also pay close attention to all common contact points? 

These points of contact are the places that your hands and many other hands touch on an hourly or daily basis. Below are the top ten contact points that your complete commercial cleaning service team will pay attention to once the flu and cold season officially begin:

  • Telephone – This is a serious concern if the office phone is shared with many other workers or you usually put down your personal phone on desks, tables, and counters. 

  • Mouse and keyboard – A sticky note can be used to help remove dust and crumbs between the keys. A sanitary wipe can be used to give the mouse and keyboard a good clean

  • Soap pump – It is a wise idea to use automatic soap pumps in your office or business. But if not, it is important that you clean away any germs brought about by unwashed hands that constantly touch it. 

  • Faucet handles – This is another area that requires cleaning since many unclean hands touch it regularly. 

  •  Light switches – The light switch plates and walls surrounding light switches get lots of attention during the daytime. Your office cleaning team will pay attention to this area every time they clean it. 

  • Hand banisters and railings – This is another obvious point of contact that is often taken for granted. 

  • Door locks and knobs – It is a very obvious breeding ground for viruses and bacteria and the best janitorial Dallas will make sure that these are cleaned thoroughly. 

  • Cupboard handles and drawer pulls –Keep in mind that cross-contamination of germs coming from raw meats may linger on these particular kitchen items. Janitorial services will give them good sanitization on a regular basis. 

  • Toilet flusher – Although this is probably getting a regular clean, once a week is never enough so commercial cleaning services will give it a regular clean all the time. 

  • TV remote control – When was the last time you wiped it down? If you haven’t been cleaning that remote control, it is time to do so now. 

Courtesy Building Services Inc will help you ensure that all of these points of contact get the attention they need so that you and everyone in your establishment will stay clean at all times. 

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