Expert Tips to Extend Your Office Building’s Lifespan

There are times that starting a business is a costly undertaking. One of the expensive aspects is that of searching for a place from which to operate your business through the right office equipment, location, and office furnishings being some of the critical things that must be considered. Having invested a big amount of cash on your office space, it becomes more important to keep it to a standard that would let you retain the building’s value along with its assets to ensure that your expensive investment is recurring replacement cost or money wasted.

Tip #1: Fire Inspections

Your office building must be inspected every year for fire hazards. Where the hazards exist, they must be rectified and appropriate safety regimens adhered to reduce the risk of fire.

Tip #2: Clean Spaces

Dirt particles are more than an unsightly nuisance. It could be harmful to a building both outside and inside. The grime and dust buildup causes a lot of problems as this could destroy the surfaces including the finishes and veneers on the furniture or damage the paint permanently or some kind of finishes on the walls. Thus, it’s crucial to keep your office building clean often. Cleaning must be done at regular intervals as well as specialized cleaning or deep cleaning must be carried out yearly with an exception of the areas including dining areas, bathrooms, and kitchens that should be deep cleaned frequently.

Tip #3: Check the Exteriors

As with the building’s interior, the exteriors must benefit from the regular inspection for any structural damage signs. Moreover, as all external surfaces were exposed to severe weather conditions, special attention must be focused on this certain area. Paint also wears quicker on the exterior walls so they have to be painted often compared to indoors. Aside from the unsightly appearance of cracking and peeling paint, exterior finishes of paint finishes protect walls. The windows must be inspected as well for any damage sign and ensure that when closed, windows are sealed completely to avoid air and water from seeping in around your windows. They must be cleaned regularly as well.

Tip #4: Building Inspections

You have to take note that there must be a routine maintenance schedule for the systems including the building’s electrical systems. While most wait until the problem manifests before calling in experts, it’s wise to have certified electricians inspect buildings at least every year so that possible problems could be fixed and identified before any damage is caused. HVAC systems’ inspection must be done regularly as a faulty system could result in structural damage that’s caused by leaks and heat that aren’t visible that could lead to damage before the issue is discovered.

Courtesy Building Services understands how crucial your assets are and they are knowledgeable about how to help you maintain them. So, if you want to extend the lifespan of your office building, make sure to keep those tips in mind and always rely on the experts like Courtesy Building Services, Inc.


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