Efficient Ways to Dispense Your Office Cleaning Chemicals

Many businesses that use the services of commercial or office cleaning companies have their own janitorial closet. This serves as a storage space for the cleaning tools and supplies that office cleaners use every time they clean your property. Whether you own an office or commercial building, ensuring that this janitorial closet is properly organized is no doubt the best way to making certain that every supply and tool is there and ready to use once the cleaning team needs them to boost efficiency and reduce time-related expenses.

But, it takes a good strategy to store and dispense chemicals to prevent safety hazards and contamination and guarantee that the right amounts of cleaners are given for every job.

Dispensing Chemicals and Closet Space

Careful planning is needed to store separate items. Proportions mounted on the walls are excellent if space allows and offer the right dilution. But, when space is a bit limited, dispensing systems that are wall-mounted may not be suitable. Other solutions you can consider include the following:

  • Portion Control Packets

The use of packets containing the right and appropriate quantity of cleaning chemicals required can take out the guesswork from having to mix chemicals and make sure that the proper amount is combined each time. Office cleaners only have to add a certain water amount, and just like that, the cleaning process can proceed. Aside from that, portion packs also let a commercial cleaning company track the cost and use of chemicals to allow proper budgeting and the suitable price possible to complete the job.

  • Portable Dispensing

One more way to store chemicals is through portable dispensing that creates space in full janitorial closets. The ready to dispense or RTD units are useful anywhere with a water source. The bottles come with a dial on their handle used for correcting the dilution ratio once the product is mixed. Through adding water to a bottle, mixing of chemicals is made effortless and prepared to do the job at hand.

Portability is another advantage of these RTD systems. Such systems could be installed around the facility or in several job sites to make cleaning neat, space-efficient, and simple.

Job Cards

Also, a great way to organize cleaning chemicals is by assigning color and number coded cards on every cleaning cart. This will ensure that office cleaner choose the right chemical packet for every task.

Wall-mounted Dispensers

Lastly, if you have some space to use, you can also invest in wall-mounted units to guarantee that the office cleaning staff will be able to easily locate and use the cleaning chemicals. When considering these wall mounts, see to it that you check the available wall space you can use, the proximity to the water source, and the chemicals required for various jobs.

No matter what chemical storage choice you select, the ideal option is the one that is space efficient and will also limit the exposure of cleaners to harsh chemicals.

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