Does Your Commercial Cleaning Company Conduct Background Checks on Employees?

In Texas, office and commercial building property managers and owners often make use of janitorial services which handle the cleaning needs of the business after the regular working hours. Even though surveillance cameras offer some form of security level when there is no else around, there are several other important steps that a business should take in order to ensure that they will fall prey into the hands of a dishonest office cleaning service employee.

Among the best methods for doing this is to ask your prospective commercial cleaning company if they conduct a background check all on their employees or cleaners before the company hires them. Even though a negative event in the past of a person may not be disqualifying event, this can give a heads-up to the employer in case issues do arise. Sadly, recent studies revealed that majority of businesses don’t really conduct any criminal background checks prior to hiring someone, which can leave them more prone to hiring people who might not be trustworthy, especially if they will have to be left alone onsite to clean the premises.

There are numerous kinds of background checks that a janitorial service company can conduct. For customers like you, it will always be a good idea to talk about the checks that a company undertakes with their cleaners so that you can enter into a contract with a high level of trust and confidence right from the get go.

The most traditional type of due diligence that a commercial cleaning company must do is a basic background check. It will also tell an employer if there are any illegal activities in the past of a potential candidate. This is also a good way to verify education and employee history together with reference verification. At this level, if there are any red flags, these must already be a cause for worry and concern.

Most employers even conduct the so called targeted criminal background checks that go back to a minimum of 10 years back to know if there were any convictions or arrests in the past. This criminal background check is also going to reveal problems on a federal and state level, and depending on the specific level of detail, this can also reveal arrests even in the county or local levels.

Some other forms of background checks that a commercial cleaning company can conduct include professional license confirmation, credit checks, worker’s compensation claims history, and a drug screening. It is always best to reveal all these things right from the start before you reach a final decision as to whether you will allow a person from an office cleaning company into your workplace after or before normal working hours.

Courtesy Building Services, Inc. is a trusted name in the industry of office cleaning, and the company has been offering quality commercial cleaning services in Texas for many years. They make sure to conduct all the necessary background checks to ensure that you will be entrusting your services only to the hands of trustworthy and honest workers.


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