Commercial Cleaning Offers More Than Just Convenience to Your Business

When one of your workers catches the common cold, there is a good chance that they can spread that cold to some workers, which can result to less production or days missed because of sickness. For management, it can be a real roadblock to the hitting goals.

Think of the building in the same way. If your office space isn’t properly cleaned, the viruses may spread to each of the employees, which leave the management struggling to get the job done. Having a commercial space that’s healthy is important to the staff’s health and business. That is the reason why professional commercial cleaning services are a good investment, especially if you hire a company like Courtesy Building Services, Inc.

Wiping counters off isn’t enough and picking up some trash may keep the building look okay, yet it isn’t doing anything for the people’s health who are working there. With the help of professional commercial cleaning companies like Courtesy Building Services, they know how to use the right chemicals for the right amount of time to keep your employees healthy.

Every chemical has a dwell time listed on the label. It is the amount of time that the chemical has to sit on the surface to kill the germs and viruses. If your in-house janitor or commercial cleaning company is just spraying and wiping, there isn’t enough contact time to let the chemicals do its job.

You have to remember that it isn’t just the chemicals that keep your building clean and healthy. The best professionals like Courtesy Building Services are using microfiber products to enhance the effectiveness of cleaning. From the mops to the cloths, microfiber is the perfect tool for the job. In addition to that, HEPA filter vacuums are an important tool utilized by commercial cleaning firms. HEPA means High Efficiency Particulate Air and a unit that’s labeled with HEPA retains all particles .3 microns in size or bigger at a 99.97% efficiency level.

Commercial cleaning services are more than just appearance. The professionals know it is all about keeping the building healthy and keeping the workers healthy as well. Aside from using the right chemicals and HEPA filters, a good cleaning service provider like Courtesy Building Services has the tools and knowledge to keep your building better and much healthier.

Not every commercial building owner considers hiring the professionals for cleaning services or janitorial services. However, what business owners don’t know is that they could miss numerous benefits that can be enjoyed not just by their workers, but also their potential clients or even investors.

So, if you don’t want to sacrifice your company’s credibility or reputation because of dirty floors and poor indoor air quality, you should always contact companies like Courtesy Building Services, Inc because they know what their duties and responsibilities are and they always do their best just give you the satisfaction you deserve. Give them a call today and see the difference of having a properly cleaned commercial building!


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