Clean the Walls of Office Cubicles Regularly to Keep Your Entire Office Clean

You probably cannot stand dirty curtains or carpets in your own home but for sure, the fabric walls in your office cubicle don’t even get their much-needed cleaning at all. Although you are not walking on your cubicle walls, they still attract dust and dirt after months or even years of being taken for granted. Janitorial services Dallas will give you some useful tips to help ensure that your office cubicle walls will not turn into a disgusting mess.

Importance of Cleaning Cubicle Walls

  1. Get rid of stains

A lot of people often eat lunch in their office cubicles due to their hectic schedules. It is inevitable for food to end up splashing on the walls. Stains from food can be very disgusting to look at and at the same time, they can cause smells and serve as breeding grounds for bacteria. Cleaning cubicle walls are often not a priority in offices and when the spots are noticed, they don’t get cleaned by average cleaning crews.

  1. Decrease indoor allergens

The fabric in cubicle walls holds dirt and dust that can result in allergy flare-ups in people prone to such problems. Serious dirt collectors such as fabric cubicles can also make people sick even if they are not prone to allergies.

  1. Control dust mites

Any type of fabric from carpet to bedding to cubicle wall fabric is all thriving grounds for dust mites. These are usually transferred from one place to another on clothes of people. Dust mites grow through consumption of dead skin cells.

Steps for Cleaning Fabric Cubicle Walls

  1. Remove clutter

Removing clutter on a periodic basis will allow your office cleaning company to clean fabric cubicle walls. It will also serve as a reminder that the walls should be cleaned or alert cleaners that it is time to clean those walls.

  1. Shift furniture pieces

Move the furniture pieces from the space for exposing and cleaning the fabric walls properly from top to bottom.

  1. Dust on a regular basis

You can dust the fabric cubicle walls regularly to make sure that the dust mites and allergens will not be too overwhelming. You can use attachments to do the task yourself or you can also ask your office cleaning crew to dust once every week.

Maintenance of Office Cubicle Walls

Whether it is the office cubicle walls themselves or the desks or carpets of the office workers, it is usually best not to let the employees drink or eat in their cubicles. Aside from being more sanitary, this also gives them the much-needed break which can help them a boost.

If food or stain is seen on the walls of office cubicles, this must be treated right away. Since scrubbing stains without the right tools and chemicals can set them, it is best to hire the best janitorial services Dallas that can maintain their cleanliness and get rid of them the right way. They have the appropriate tools and techniques for cleaning cubicle walls and other areas of your office.


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