Buying a New Carpet VS Professional Carpet Cleaning – What You Should Know

Whether you have a business or a home, your carpet will wear down at some point in time due to foot traffic. It leaves you with less than a beautiful interior. But, deciding between cleaning carpets and replacing them can be challenging. The decision comes down to some factors and your own personal preferences.

Below are some of the factors you may consider if you should get carpet cleaning service or replace it with a new one:

  • Is Your Carpet Worn Out or Dirty?

Carpets may experience physical wear in the long run. Dry soil serves as an abrasive, which tears carpet apart. Typically, this wear happens quickly on commercial carpets with a lot of foot traffic. But, it occurs in your house as well. Frequent carpet maintenance through vacuuming helps. Vacuums don’t reach to the carpet fiber’s base where damage may happen. Scheduling carpet cleaning periodically would help carpets last much longer as well as look better. It will also help you avoid carpet replacement.

It is challenging to determine if your carpet is worn down or dirty. A lot of times customers mistake the darkened areas as dirty. It might be burst carpet fibers, which reflects the light differently. However, there are times that wear is obvious. If you’ve damaged the fibers wherein there are bare spots, carpet cleaning will not fix that. Therefore, replacement might be the best solution in this case.

If the carpet’s heavy traffic areas are discolored because of grime and dirt buildup, carpet cleaning will resolve this problem. If you’re not sure whether the carpet is worn or dirty, make sure to contact Courtesy Building Services, Inc. These professionals will help you determine if you need carpet cleaning or carpet replacement.

  • Determine Your Carpet’s Age

Another primary factor you should take into consideration is your carpet’s age. You will benefit from scheduling a professional carpet cleaning service. If your carpet was purchased decades ago, it is probably the right time to consider an upgrade. While professional carpet cleaning may help your carpet back to life, this may only do so much. If your carpet is very old, cleaning can improve its appearance, but it will not likely give you the result you are looking for.

If you bought a new office space and you are not certain about the carpet’s ager, never assume that it should be replaced instantly. Lots of modern carpets are very resilient. Even though the carpet appears discolored or worn down, a great deep cleaning might revitalize it.

Although new carpets are more convenient for some, you can just consider carpet cleaning services for the meantime if you still don’t have the budget to buy a new one. Professionals like Courtesy Building Services, Inc can clean your carpets thoroughly and make it look like a brand new. At an affordable rate, you can be assured that professional carpet cleaners will take care of their carpets and would clean them without leaving any damages.

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