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       Courtesy Building Services, Inc  knows that it is their people that make them the best in the industry. Each and every employee is committed to serving the personal needs of our customers in a professional manner.

      The company has the reputation of building stong and lasting business relationships through the efforts of many qualified and dedicated people.

      Our management team represents over 100 years of experience in handling every aspect of a winning facility maintenance business. They know how to get the job done right the first time, every time.

       Visitors to CBS Courtesy Building Services, Inc. headquarters in Dallas are apt to be greeted personally by company founder and director, Chat Kiat. While that may be refreshing, it isn't surprising to those who know Chat. His idea of running a business is not spending time sequestered in a plush corner office, accesible only through the thickest of scrutiny.

Chat believes that accessibility and accountability are the cornerstones of a successful business, and has instilled
this work ethic in CBS Courtesy Building Services, Inc. personnel. That sense of accessibility and pride in a job well done has become the CBS Courtesy Building Services, Inc. trademark.

Chat Kiat is no stanger to hard work, or to the cleaning business - although cleaning wasn't what he first envisioned as a career. In 1979, Chat left Bangkok, Thailand, and enrolled at the University of Louisville to pursue a Master's Degree in Education.

Because finances were tight, he left school after a year and half and looked for work. After a stint at a restaurant as a busboy and waiter, he learn to drive an 18 - wheel truck. As a recent immigrant still learn the language, he had difficulty finding work as a driver. Believing that there are no obstacles, on challenges, he leased in 18 - wheel truck and became in independent contractor. Eventually, as he built the business, he contracted his services to a single company.

His next business venture was in Texas, in the Janitorial Services industry, In November 1982 he purchased
a cleaning company franchise and learned the business. This is where the CBS Courtesy Building Services, Inc. story shifted into high gear.

Chat Kiat
Gary Smith
Janitorial Service

Chat Kiat
Chat Kiat
George B. Johnson

George B. Johnson
Construction Department



Sales and Marketing Staff:

The CBSI sales and marketing team are the best in the business. They can tailor a proposal to meet your needs and budget demands.


Richard Gann
Sales Executive

Office and Administration Staff:

Day in and day out, our office and administration staff are handling the hiring and employee relations, customer requests, invoicing and organizational needs of our busy office. They are experienced, courteous, and extremely task oriented.

Evelyn Gann
Office Manager
Jessica SivleyRichard Gann
Office Operator







Operations Staff:

     Our area operations managers are the backbone of our services. Assigned to your facility, they will visit and inspect your facility for quality and cleanliness. They are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to handle your concerns.


Suk Ki Lee Wichien Wongachariya
Suk Ki Lee
Area Manager
Wichien Wongachariya
Vera Trillo
Operation Manager

Guillermo Fonseca
Lawn Care Service

Jose Luis Marques
Lawn Care Service
Angle Marques
Lawn Care Service


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