Maintenance & Construction

Office Maintenance and Commercial Repair Services

Servicing Dallas, TX
Courtesy Building Services, Inc. ™ is one of the industry's leading specialists in providing consistent, quality repair and minor construction service to retail and commercial buildings.

Maintenance We Provide

  • New Construction and minor repair
  • Ceiling tile and grid-clean or replacement with new tile and grid
  • Repair of partition cracks/holes
  • Painting and texturing, taping, and bedding
  • Installation or repair of new doors or partitions
  • Installation of new carpeting, ceramic, vinyl, or wood flooring


Are you a business owner? What about a homeowner? If so, there will come a time when you will likely need assistance. That assistance may essentially be cleaning. When it comes to home cleaning or even office cleaning, many individuals automatically think of a maid service, but a maid service or a cleaning service is not all that you should be looking for. In fact, you should also be looking for a janitorial service.

When it comes to understanding a janitorial service, there are many individuals who are a little bit confused. When most think of janitorial services, a school or a large building complex comes to mind.

However, as previously mentioned, most janitorial services work with other individuals and other building complexes. In fact, if you are unfamiliar with janitorial services, it may be a good idea to take the time to familiarize yourself with them.

When familiarizing yourself with janitorial services, you will want to focuses on services that are offered in or around your area. For instance, if you live in or around the Dallas area, you will want to place a focus on Dallas janitorial services. Although a wide variety of different janitorial services, including Dallas janitorial services, offer some of the same services and features, not all do. That is why it is important to directly contact and inquire about a particular company's services, before agreeing to do business with them.

Despite the fact that different Dallas janitorial services operate in different ways, you will find that many offer the same types of services and features. One of those, as mentioned above includes services to a wide variety of different individuals. Although there are some Dallas janitorial services that only perform work on residential or commercial buildings, there are many who do both. Essentially, this means that whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, you should be able to benefit from a Dallas janitorial service.

Concerning the particular services that are offered by most Dallas janitorial services, you will find that many offer traditional cleaning. This may include dusting, scrubbing, wall cleaning, blind cleaning, as well as a number of other traditional cleaning tasks. In addition to these features, you will also find that that a wide variety of Dallas janitorial services also provide specialized features. These specialized features may include floor cleanup, as well as construction cleanup.

With construction cleanup, a janitorial service may not only help to remove debris or, at least, pile it up in one place, but they will also work to eliminate any signs of construction. This commonly includes sweeping, dusting, and other tasks commonly performed after a construction project. Whether you are an owner of a construction company, a business owner, or a homeowner, who recently did some remolding, you may be able to save yourself time by using the services of one of the many Dallas janitorial services.

The above mentioned tasks and duties are just a few of the many that are offered by most Dallas janitorial services. For an accurate description of these services and for a price estimate, you will want to contact a qualified, trusted, and well-know janitorial service, in or around the Dallas area.